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Steak - a dish that comes to us fr om Europe. But, despite his foreign origin, steak, however, very fond of Russian man. And it is quite justified. After all, the steak - it is pure meat, which is made fr om the best parts of marbled beef. Properly cooked steak is very tasty, for which appeals to many gourmets the world and Russia as well.

I must admit that in Moscow there are not many places where you can enjoy a real steak. Institutions offering courses of meat, Moscow may offer a huge amount. But the steak - it's more than just meat. Steak Cafe GOODBEEF - a new word in the catering and restaurant business in Russia. Our steak cafe - a place for those who have long been a fan of this incredibly delicious meals and people who want to taste the steak for the first time, once you try, you will certainly become a fan of his. After all, steaks, marbled beef - nothing but perfection as representatives of world cuisine on simplicity of preparation, satiety and taste the finished dish.

Create steak cafe GOODBEEF was the result of a trip to Argentina , where we are, its founders have carefully studied the preparation procedure for the different kinds of steaks , as well as details of the restaurant business , which may be seen only there, in a country where this dish (steak ) is cult . Selecting for themselves the most basic and the best that we can implement for our guests , we have opened a cafe steak GOODBEEF, which has become a favorite destination of many Muscovites and , we believe , to love even a lot of our visitors .

Restaurant, real quick steak Moscow - it certainly - cafe GOODBEEF.

Places where you can eat steak true Argentine beef Moscow offers not so much. In addition, not every meat restaurant can offer a real steak, cooked according to the rules of cooking - delicious and juicy, with observance of those nuances that make this dish unique and unforgettable . And yet, there is such a place . This steak cafe GOODBEEF - a place where offers authentic steaks cooking techniques which were brought from faraway Argentina - one of the leading countries in the "meat" of the restaurant business all over the world . Not many meat restaurants in Moscow , no cafes of Moscow can not be compared with our chefs cooking on the skill of the marbled beef . Steak cafe GOODBEEF - Moscow cafe with a particular approach to the work .

Being one of the many cafes in Moscow , GOODBEEF nevertheless differs from many similar institutions in its approach to work. We work to ensure that you , our guests , we felt comfortable, could eat and stay happy with our service. In pursuit of these objectives , we can guarantee our every visitor :

• gourmet cooking steaks on a level exceeding any grill restaurant ;

• a variety of choices for any cooking steak tastes and preferences ;

• speed of service , which can not offer any other cafe in Moscow ;

• high level of service and attention to each of our guest who chooses to enjoy a steak from us ;

• improving service maintenance and introduction of new methods in technology of cooking steaks and other dishes Beef and visitors in the service sector ;

• creating a warm and friendly atmosphere , which can only give our steak house (Moscow , unfortunately, is not rich institutions able to create an appropriate level of comfort for its visitors) ;

• the most reasonable prices for steak and other dishes on offer in our menu .

Thus, we strive to create for our guests maximum comfort , offer delicious cuisine and comfort of staying in our cafe. It is no secret that this combination can not guarantee every fast food , whom Moscow has on every corner. But cafes GOODBEEF - a unique institution offering steak and any other dishes Beef , at a rate not inferior to the best representatives of the concept of fast food. And if you are looking for wh ere to eat , very fast and inexpensive meal in Moscow , the steak cafe GOODBEEF - this place is for you.

Combining all the best that we can give to its visitors , we do cafe GOODBEEF a place that is always happy guests and is able to guarantee not only delicious cuisine, but also quality service , as well as comfort and convenience . Combine all these components is difficult , but thanks to extensive experience and high professionalism of our staff, we can implement all these components for you. After all, our goal is to come enjoy a real steak, you enjoy not only its exquisite taste, but also the excellent quality of service and comfort that we create for you in our cafe steak GOODBEEF.

Surely you are wondering - why steak cafe GOODBEEF is unique and different from many other institutions. After all, there are other places wh ere they cook the steak - Moscow is full of various restaurants and cafes that can offer meat dishes . The fact is that we specialize in cooking steaks and other dishes that can be made from marbled beef . A vast majority of restaurants preparing steak , among other dishes , not highlighting it and especially not treating him more responsible than to the other dishes on the menu. For us, the steak - it's the main course , which we pay maximum attention in its preparation . And the result is exactly the steak like gourmets from around the world . No other restaurant steak taste of this and so will not be able to quickly prepare for their visitors.

We are waiting for you in our cafe steak GOODBEEF, which serves amazing juicy steaks , maintain the high level of service, provide maximum comfort to its guests. We are confident that visited us once , you will become our regular customers.